Problem with the AddHandPointerGripHandler method from WPF KinectRegion controls RRS feed

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  • Hello everybody,

    i've got a problem with my program and want to know if i'm doing something wrong.

    I have my wpf application with the controls installed in it and working good (i can see the user viewer, the little hand, the grip gesture and so on).

    Now my problem is that i want to intercept the grip and grip release event, but cannot figure out what  i'm doing wrong. I explain:

    in my code, i have a KinectRegion called kinectRegion1 and, if i do something like:

    KinectRegion.AddHandPointerEnterHandler(this.KinectRegion, this.AnyFunction);

    i can get my AnyFunction called whenever the little hand get in the kinect region. this is the same with the AddHandPointerPressHandler and with the AddHandPointerLeaveHandler.

    the real problem comes when i try to use the grip event handler method:

    KinectRegion.AddHandPointerGripHandler(this.KinectRegion, this.AnyFunction);

    but this method, don't know why, doesn't doesn't call back my AnyFunction, and i cannot understand why. Do i have to use a different UIelement (maybe not the kinect region but the kinect scroll viewer, or don't know which one...)?

    Did someone have the same issue? Did i have to use the AddQueryInteractionStatusHandler (it says that it gives a handler for the QueryGripInteractionStatus)? (to be quite precise, i've already try to use this method, and it doesn't work as well...but maybe i'm using it bad..)

    many thanks in advance, hope to solve this! :)

    have a nice day to everyone!

    Thursday, May 9, 2013 8:09 AM