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  • Hi all,

    WinEC700 + iMX51.

    We'd like to change the strings that we see during the touch-screen calibration.

    I found that they are defined in the calibrui.res and they are compiled in the GweUser.exe binary.

    How can i change them?

    PS: to achieve the calibration i run the touchc.exe from my applications but I have no sources for it.

    How does it work?


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  • Go through this blog fully

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  • It is a very good article but doesn't work completely, at least for me.

    I cloned the project and i slightly modified the code and added some strings. The *.res binaries are generated on the different subproject output folders (idlangs).

    The final GweUser.exe file contains my code but does not include these strings!

    I'm investigating on that: in the Release directory i see two languages i selected: 0409 and 0410.

    Only 0409 contains the calibrUi_clone.res; which lang (and then which dir) is used to compile the executable?

    I also discovered that under c:\WINCE700\public\COMMON\oak\lib\armv7\retail\ only the 0409 dir contains the calibrUi_clone.res file.

    Did anyone try this procedure??


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  • Ok, I found the problem and i submitted it at the guru-ce site, same link as reported by Vinoth.


    Wednesday, October 15, 2014 1:55 PM