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  • Here's a sample to add IntelliSense Helpinfo to selfmade extensions (SB macros) via SBExtensionCompiler:

    Refering to  LitDev's SmallBasic extension compiler (recompilation from Francois Remy's SmallBasicExtensionCompiler)

    1. Download LitDev's 'SmallBasic extension compiler' from link above

    2. In downloaded 'SmallBasicExtensionCompiler.zip' there's a sample 'Compile-Test.sb'. Compile that.

    3. The resulting compiled 'Compile-Test.dll' usually does'nt show an IntelliSense Info.

    4. Here's the corresponding Compile-Test.xml , that shows IntelliSense Help, after putting it into \lib Subfolder next to 'Compile-Test.dll'. First restart SB IDE.

    Have also added an IntelliSense Help 'Moving.xml' for MathMan's Moving Extension

    Also included another sample 'CompTest.sb' to test the getting and setting of values in/with 'CompileTest' Object.

    5. This should work for all selfmade extensions (better 'SB macros') in a similar way:

       -  Just copy 'Compile-Test.xml' and rename it to 'NameOfYourExtension.xml',

       -  then (ev. add and) adjust the Object Name (T:), and names for Properties (P:)

          and Methods (M:) in the XML according to the Properties and Methods in your

          selfmade extension.  (like eg. found a selfmade Extension Cube.dll in Zock77's

          new game download)

    Wednesday, February 19, 2014 9:41 PM

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  • All the work was done by Fremy Company (Francois Remy) - all I did was recompile it.

    Perhaps some budding C# or SB developer could write an application to create xml for these extensions from a simple text format.  It should be possible just treating the xml as text file in SB or there are fancier ways in C#.

    Wednesday, February 19, 2014 10:05 PM
  • Hi LitDev,

    changed upper post ('recompilation').

    I think CopyPaste 's faster here to create a small IntSense.xml, although it can easily lead to failures. But a SB program to work that out is a really fine idea.

    Wednesday, February 19, 2014 10:47 PM