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  • What is microsoft's commitment to expression studio. Here is the issue. I know microsoft tries new markets from time to time and then gives up with that product. Two recent examples: I just got an email saying microsoft will discontinue microsoft accounting. I also recently found out microsoft is no, or will not longer sell money. I am concerned if I put all this time into this product that I will be left high and dry. I want confidence that microsoft is putthing alot of effort and resources into this project. I don't want to get an email 5 years from now saying microsoft is discontinuing expression studio. One other question that will help. Is expression studio profitable and making the kind of money it needs to survive? I appreciate you help. I use your products all the time and want to make sure I will be able to see microsofts commitment to us the consumer who like what you offer.
    Thursday, November 12, 2009 3:58 AM