Throttling and Scheduling a message queue? RRS feed

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  • Hi All! Just begun reading about Rx.. the rabbit hole begins :)

    I have a scenario where I'd like to try and use RX to play traffic cop for a queue of messages throttling and scheduling them so they occur in a FIFO scenario.

    Say I have 4 message recipients one gets pulled off the stack and a task begins.. when that task completes I'd pull the next message off the stack. Throughout operation if a new message comes in for a recipient and they already have a message in the queue I'd like to discard the earlier message and just use the most recent one so there's only effectively the most recent message per recipient.

    I tried running up a spike using TPL Dataflow and then it occurred to me I wouldn't know what thread the message is coming in on and potentially the queue could get muddied.

    I was wondering what I should be reading to approach solving this kind of problem in RX as it seems from my limited understanding  to be a good fit.

    Thursday, May 5, 2016 12:02 AM