Question: Reference Data from Database - Example scenario


  • Hi.

    I have an idea for using StreamInsight but want to check whether people think this will work before I dive into a big POC.

    We have a an event source which will be sending events in realtime but we might want to use some logic to reference data in a database.

    For example :

    • An over night process builds an average for all our customers for what they spend in the last month into a database table.
    • As a person goes to a web site and purchases something, that is check against any "realtime" purchases in the last hour to then fire a event to update a tracking counter (maybe into a database)
    • Also could it check against the previous spend from the database to ensure the customer hasn't overspent, and then fire another event to trigger a warning/event for application to do something?
    • The realtime events potentially are up to 500,000 a day and an individual person may have between 1-50 events to track over the day.

    Still getting to grips with the documentation, as in previous docs reference data was mentioned but doesn't seem feature so much.

    Thanks Ian

    Friday, September 27, 2013 9:17 AM