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  • I have a need to test processing large 832 edi files.  By large I mean 12 MB.  What i have done is create an orchectration that takes in the 832, and then does a map from one 832 type message to another.  I have an expression that writes to the event log before the map starts and then writes to the event log after the map completes.  The map simply dies a bulk copy from one message to another.  In the end I just send a message to a WCF service stating that the job was done. 

    My question is this: do you think this properly demonstrates the handling of large 832 EDI files?  I am wondering if there is any lazy loading or delayed processing within BizTalk where the map does not actually get executed since the destination message does not actually get used.  Would it help to actually change the outbound port to write to the file system?

    Wednesday, May 30, 2012 5:16 PM