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  • Hi I don t know how to convert this code from vb to c#, I don t know how to assign hexadecimal number in c# a work with color constants in c#. Can someone help me to convert this vb function in c# ???
    Private Function RGB565To32ARGBV3(ByVal rgb16 As UShort) As Int32
            Dim rgb32 As Integer
            Dim tmp As UShort
            rgb32 = &HFF
            tmp = rgb16 >> 11 And &H1F
            tmp = (tmp * &HFF) / &H1F
            rgb32 = (rgb32 << 8) + (tmp And &HFF)
            tmp = rgb16 >> 5 And &H3F
            tmp = (tmp * &HFF) / &H3F
            rgb32 = (rgb32 << 8) + (tmp And &HFF)
            tmp = rgb16 And &H1F
            tmp = (tmp * &HFF) / &H1F
            rgb32 = (rgb32 << 8) + (tmp And &HFF)
            Return rgb32
        End Function

    Thursday, November 30, 2017 12:03 PM

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  • You have a lot of mixing of different integer types here, so the C# equivalent has to have a few casts and adjustments:

    	public Int32 RGB565To32ARGBV3(ushort rgb16)
    		int rgb32 = 0;
    		ushort tmp = 0;
    		rgb32 = 0xFF;
    		tmp = (ushort)(rgb16 >> 11 & 0x1F);
    		tmp = Convert.ToUInt16((tmp * 0xFF) / (double)0x1F);
    		rgb32 = (rgb32 << 8) + (tmp & 0xFF);
    		tmp = (ushort)(rgb16 >> 5 & 0x3F);
    		tmp = Convert.ToUInt16((tmp * 0xFF) / (double)0x3F);
    		rgb32 = (rgb32 << 8) + (tmp & 0xFF);
    		tmp = (ushort)(rgb16 & 0x1F);
    		tmp = Convert.ToUInt16((tmp * 0xFF) / (double)0x1F);
    		rgb32 = (rgb32 << 8) + (tmp & 0xFF);
    		return rgb32;

    Note that the "double" casts are necessary to force floating point division.  The VB "/" operator always does floating point division (e.g., the result could be a floating point type), but C# will perform integer division unless one of the operands is of a floating point type.

    However, you're then assigning the result to an integer type, so then you need to adjust again...

    So you might find that you can simplify this.

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    Thursday, November 30, 2017 3:44 PM
  • Thanks a lot, I will try a code 
    Thursday, November 30, 2017 4:33 PM
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