Line Printer Font (16.66cpi)


  • I have a lot of old DOS reports I am converting to Visual FoxPro. Most of them are using the "Line Printer" font with 16.66cpi. If I continue to use the "Line Printer" font in Windows the reports will print fine to the printer but will not print to the screen properly. I believe this is because the "Line Printer" font is not a TrueType font, but I can not find a true 16.66cpi TrueType font. Does anyone know how I can print a true fixed 16.66cpi to the printer and to the screen. Is there a fixed 16.66cpi TrueType font I can use that is similar to the "Line Printer" font.



    Monday, May 01, 2006 2:04 PM


  • Jerry,

    How is it not working? What printer and video drivers do you have installed?

    I created a report output a field that contained 12345678901234567 using several different fonts. The HP Lineprinter font looks fine in report preview for me. I drew a horizontal like 1 inch long and two vertical lines at each end and put them over the top of the output fields. The Lineprinter font appears in preview to have 16.66 characters between the vertical lines. The other fonts I tried were Lucida Console 8pt, Lucida Sans 8pt, and QuickType II Mono 8pt. These were all had characters a little wider than the Lineprinter font, but you can enter values like 7 in the size field and play with it until you get a size equivalent to 16.66cpi.

    I tested in VFP8 on a Dell notebook with the HP LJIII printer drivers installed. I find this printer driver much more stable than any later printer driver from HP.

    Thursday, May 04, 2006 1:29 AM