DAX Sum af calcution on children to a total for the parent RRS feed

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    Have a DAX Question.

    I have created a Hirerachy of Chain-Store and would like to summarize a calculation made for each store in order to get a total for that calculation


    The current formula for "Potential Sale per 1000" is

    =Calculate(IF(FactStoreSales[Chain - Sales per 1000]>FactStoreSales[Sales Value per 1000];FactTraffic[Sum of Traffic]*(FactStoreSales[Chain - Sales per 1000]-FactStoreSales[Sales Value per 1000])/1000;BLANK()))

    The measure [Chain - Sales per 1000] is calculated as

    =CALCULATE(FactStoreSales[Sales Value per 1000];ALL(Store[Store]))

    But it doesnt create a sum at the Chain level - and I would like it to summarize all the stores with a potential so I have a total potential for the chain.

    Can anyone help - Thx



    Thursday, December 8, 2011 8:47 PM