Code Generation in Entity Framework


  • I am struggling to get Entity Framework to generate code. Platform: VS 2015, Azure SQL Database

    Project Type: doesn't matter; console or WPF.

    Initial Steps: Using ADO.Net Entity Data Model; Create > Model  Select EF Designer from Database > select the AZure Connection String and addit to the App.Config > Select Entity Framework 6.X ; Next select a table and add it to the design surface. Easy and works. fine.

    Entity Framework creates all the files.

    However if you look in the Model.cs file it is empty (except for the comments). Same thing with the ModelDesigner.cs file

    There is no code generation to enable CRUD operations at all !

    I have tried removing the NUGET package/reinstalling it.

    Tried creating temporary and test solutions. This doesn't work.

    If I use VS to generate DBML files all the code appear as it should. 


    Monday, December 21, 2015 5:47 PM