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  • We ship a VS2010 extension which uses a custom tool (single file generator) to compile Sass to CSS and CoffeeScript to JavaScript.  This works fine in Web Application projects, but some of our users want to use Web Site 'projects.'  As far as I can tell, Web Site projects don't support custom tools.  Files in the App_Code folder do have a Custom Tool property, but it is not automatically populated from the file extension when a file is created, and it is disabled so that the user can't even manually enter a custom tool name.  Files not in the App_Code folder don't even seem to have the Custom Tool option.  So:

    1. Is it possible to assign custom tools to files in Web Site projects?  (Other than the built-in tools such as the LINQ to SQL generator.)

    2. Is it possible to do this in any folder, or only in App_Code?

    3. If custom tools are possible, is it possible to automatically assign a custom tool in a vstemplate or based on the file extension?

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    Monday, July 18, 2011 4:29 AM

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