What is best practices to synchronize child entities of the parrent in case of disconnected mode? RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    Can somebody help me with link to some manual how to synchronize child entities of the parrent in case of disconnected mode?

    I've checked the

    Add/Attach and Entity States

    Automatic Detect Changes

    Working with Property Values

    but still cannot find answer.

    Guess I have two entities:

    public class ParentEntity
    	public Guid Id { set; get; }
    	public string ParentName { set; get; }
    	public virtual ICollection<ChildEntity> Childs { set; get; }
    public class ChildEntity
    	public Guid Id { set; get; }
    	public string ChildName { set; get; }
    	public Guid ParentId { set; get; }
    	public ParentEntity Parent { set; get; }

    and have following code:

    ParentEntity parent;
    using (ctx = new SomeEntityContext())
    	parent = ctx.Parents.Where(parentSearch => parentSearch.ParentName == "Some Parent")
    		.Include(parentSearch => parentSearch.Children).FirstOrDefault();
    // Now we are disconnected from the context...
    // For example in UI level of n-tier
    // Create new child
    ChildEntity child = new ChildEntity();
    child.Id = Guid.NewGuid();
    child.ChildName = "Child #2";
    child.ParentId = parent.Id;
    // Remove existing child
    parent.Children.Remove(parent.Children.FirstOrDefault(childSearch => child.ChildName == "Child #1"));
    // Now we are again at server and need to save the changes
    using (ctx = new SomeEntityContext())
    	// Detect changes for the parrent
    	// TODO: to do something to detect changes for children.
    	// Should I load it from the database and detect manually
    	// which childs were added which modified and which deleted?

    So is there some way to detect changes for children other than load current children from the database and compare it manually?

    Thanks in advice.

    Friday, November 30, 2012 4:51 PM


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