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  • I am experiencing something very odd. We are using  MOSS 2007 for our company portal. We have a page about our 7 global office locations. 

    Now, I was tasked building a simple Silverlight plug-in for that page. We decided to simple host the plug-in on a different web server and embed it into the SharePoint site via iframe in the Source of the Content editor web part.

    So, going to the app itself buy using the web server url everthing works great. The app excepts certain parameters to pull different kind of information office specific. 

    Here is the ISSUE:

    For whatever reason, when I browse to the SharePoint site and the SharePoint data is loaded along with the iframes (7 in total loading that previously mentioned Silverlight app 7 times; one for each office) if the Silverlight app is not visible on page, because the page is long and the only way to view it is to scroll down, it doesn't make a specific service call call. However, other data is just displayed fine which also has been loaded via RIA. Now, when I view a certain Silverlight plug-in and now refresh the page, it makes that call. Now, after the refresh the browser windows automatically scrolls down to where I was at the time of the refresh.

    Does anybody have any ideas at all?



    Tuesday, August 24, 2010 7:33 PM

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  • Is a Dependency property loaded/displayed/ differently?

    This is what I experience in my UI: As I am scrolling down the page, the properties that are simple TextBlocks whoes Text property is bound to some field in the data model are on the UI, but the controls using Dependency properties are loaded only if they entire control comes into view. Does that make sense?

    Tuesday, August 24, 2010 7:54 PM