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    Hi I first want to explain that windows 10 is on my laptop workstation not by my choice in the first place. I had a workstation set up using vwd 2010 and mssql express and everything was good remote connections and the works until windows 10 kept showing up in my windows update app. So I will go with it. My question is, is there any step by step to set up my station all over again it has been a long time and I forgot what ports to open for mssql 1443 or 434 ? and tcpip, named pipes, the browser etc. to allow vwd to communicate for roles and users and to create databases to work. Also I see that, that application isn't even in the newer versions of vwd 2013 and newer. I really don't want to go thru what I viewed in a video to install the roles and users project that I seen, to much work in my book. Also I do not even don't remember seeing a method of connecting to a remote server for remotely configuring my servers. Or perhaps the video just wasn't  clear enough or professional. I don't mind change but I spent a lot of time and effort in learning what I had going in the first place and look at where I am now! So here I am with a new O.S. not all that familiar with and trying to figure what is what and what is compatible with what . I happen to be using the web pi installer (not that I can't configure a firewall) which I though would make it easier but that's not the case. I would appreciate some direction with this issue please. I can follow directions quite well I just have to locate them. Thank you for your time.


    Saturday, March 26, 2016 2:19 AM