Bulk amending csproj files for stylecop exclusions


  • Hi.  Would anybody be able to help me out?

    I'm currently going through the process of introducing StyleCop into a number of legacy applications which have previously not followed our code style guidelines.  Some of these applications are very large, and have hundreds of files spread over hundreds of projects.

    In order to implement StyleCop in a controlled way, we have agreed to start by excluding all current source files from StyleCop and introduce the coding standards into any new files which are created, as advised by the following blog -

    The blog provides a link to an application which will bulk amend csproj files to exclude all files (ExcludeStyleCop.exe).  Unfortunately, this link is now dead.

    Before I start to write my own app to do this, would anyone have any experience of bulk amending csproj files, or, would they know of an existing tool to achieve the same result?



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