HP 7310 duplex printing problem returns with Office 2013 RRS feed

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  • This isn't really a development question but ... this forum might be the best place to get it answered.

    After the introduction of both Vista and Windows 7 the HP message boards became littered with complaints about how there was suddenly a new duplex printing problem on certain HP printers: an ordinary portrait-orientation duplex printout would have the even pages flipped upside down. It ultimately took months or perhaps years for HP reps to even acknowledge the problem. Even then there was no posted solution from HP. Somebody eventually published a privately produced patch in a post entitled "Vista/Windows 7 Duplex Patch for Officejet 7210 7310 7410 and Photosmart 2610 2710", which involved unpacking a "gpd" file that I never figured out how to unpack and ultimately I never did install that patch. Then probably after two years or so some update (probably a Windows Update) fixed the problem. So after having given up on having my duplex capability restored the problem just went away, either due to a Microsoft fix or via some mysterious automatic update of HP's driver. Well I just installed Office 2013 on my 32-bit Windows 7 machine and guess what ... the problem is back. I'm not very hopeful that this will ever be fixed, given the age of the printer, but hope does spring eternal. Anyone have any ideas?

    Saturday, November 22, 2014 4:59 AM