Problem with SOAP and WCF-BasicHttp RRS feed

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  • Hi,
    i try to use a WCF-BasicHttp Send Port to send a XMLDocument to a SOAP Webservice (.NET).

    the Webservice has a Method like this: void getDocument(XmlDocument).

    In my Orchestration i have a Message like this bevor sending to the Port:


    But the WCF-Send-Port seems to insert some linke breaks in the xmldocument .NET cannot process.

    The Webservice recieves the following message:

    \n <message> \n
    <test1/> \n <test2/>\n <test3/> \n <test4/>\n </message> \n

    If i read the XMLDocument .net thinks that every \n is a rootelement.


    Someone knows how to solve this Problem ?


    Friday, October 24, 2008 1:14 PM

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  • That's odd you are passing a complex object (XmlDocument) over the web service method.

    It seems like there would be a setting somewhere to avoid this, but I am not aware of one. Is your "message" type an envelope schema? Try making it not an envelope schema.

    If this does not work then I would suggest a pipeline component that executes after XmlSend to trim off the extra newlines.


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