creating email notification before due date in excel RRS feed

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  • How can I create email notification or prompt a reminder on my screen 1 week before the due date if it's not yet approved? Should also notify if not yet approved on the due date or notification on weekly until it is approved? It is possible.

    Also need to automatically highlight items not yet approved on the excel itself.

    Hope someone can help me or give me a better idea. It will be a big help on my job. 

    Monday, January 6, 2014 12:04 PM

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  • Hello vetchz,

    Only the AppointmentClass class from the Outlook Object Model provides the ReminderMinutesBeforeStart property which allows you to set the number of minutes the reminder should occur prior to the start of the appointment. For example, please take a look at the How to: Create a Reminder for an Appointment Item article.

    But a lot of Outlook items provide the ReminderSet property which allows you to set a reminder. To get the list of all enabled reminders you can use the Reminders property of the Application class. For example, MSDN provides the following sample code:

    Sub ViewReminderInfo()  
     'Lists reminder caption information 
      Dim objRem As Outlook.Reminder  
      Dim objRems As Outlook.Reminders  
      Dim strTitle As String  
      Dim strReport As String 
      Set objRems = Application.Reminders  
      strTitle = "Current Reminders:" 
      strReport = "" 
      'If there are reminders, display message  
      If Application.Reminders.Count <> 0 Then 
         For Each objRem In objRems 
            'Add information to string 
            strReport = strReport & objRem.Caption & vbCr 
         Next objRem 
        'Display report in dialog 
         MsgBox strTitle & vbCr & vbCr & strReport  
         MsgBox "There are no reminders in the collection."  
      End If  
    End Sub

    Monday, January 6, 2014 12:55 PM