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    I am currently attempting to process 837D, 837I, and 837P files using Biztalk 2006r2. During development and testing, I am continuously receiving a "Segment Not In Proper Sequence" error message for most, but not all, of the transactions in my files.  I wasn't under the impression that HIPAA required these files to adhere to any kind of sequence and, after speaking with a few of the clearinghouses that are sending me the 837 files, they aren't aware of this being a regulation either.  Can anyone help shed some light as to why I'm receiving these errors and what can be done to fix them?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance.



    Tuesday, August 5, 2008 3:36 PM


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  • Well, yes and no.  I installed the hotfix and, after tediously remapping my maps which were, now, invalidated, the 837D's and 837P's are working perfectly  Thank you!. 


    However, for some of my 837I's, I'm still getting the "Segment Not In Proper Sequence" error.


    There are several more errors after these, however the first 4 (see below) all seem to referenece the same segment.  Could this be a legitimate problem with this file?  I have to admit I'm getting quite frustrated over this one!  Thanks again for any help!




    Error: 1 (Segment level error)

    SegmentID: NTE

    Position in TS: 33

    7: Segment Not In Proper Sequence


    Error: 2 (Segment level error)

    SegmentID: NTE

    Position in TS: 33

    2: Unexpected segment


    Error: 3 (Field level error)

    SegmentID: NTE

    Position in TS: 33

    Data Element ID: NTE01__NoteReferenceCode

    Position in Segment: 1

    Data Value: PMT

    7: Invalid code value


    Error: 4 (Field level error)

    SegmentID: NTE

    Position in TS: 33

    Data Element ID: NTE02__ClaimNoteText

    Position in Segment: 2

    Data Value: Payment is being made in accordance with XXXXXXX discount agreement. Please call XXXXXXX for inquiries.

    5: Data element too long



    Wednesday, August 6, 2008 7:37 PM
  • The hotfix essentially is to allow 'any sequence' of segements. These segements are treated as equivalent segements and are supported under HIPAA only(not under general X12).

    For the hotfix, we had identified all such equivalent segments and updated the schemas by using subloops and xs:all data type. If you have encountered any more of such equivalent subloops per standard(or would like extend such functionality to other segments), you can use the customize teh schemas using the same subloop structure and xs:all data type and get the same behavior.

    If however, you do know for sure that we have missed any equivalent sub-loops prescribed by standard, you can bring it our notice and we shall fix the same.



    Thursday, August 7, 2008 11:13 AM