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    I am trying to run a software that uses Microsoft access as a database or
    MSQL Server, but neither one works on me, probably the Microsoft
    Jet engine is not working. I tried to re-install the jet engine and
    also the DOTNET 3.5, but i am not able to do so.

    The following is the error message from the software, when
    running access to create the database and start the main
    menu. I am using Windows Vista Ultima.

    Initialization Errors:
        08/09/29 12:47:15 (-2147221164) CoCreateInstance for ADOConnection failed (line:993 file:'.\DataBase.cpp')
        08/09/29 12:47:15 (0)  (line:1040 file:'.\DataBase.cpp')
        08/09/29 12:47:15 (-2147467259) ADO Connect string:'Provider=Microsoft.JET.OLEDB.4.0;data source=C:\Users\roberto\Documents\6\670.mdb'ADO User:''ADO Password:'' (line:1054 file:'.\DataBase.cpp')
        08/09/29 12:47:15 (-2147467259) GetFileAttributes on 'C:\Users\roberto\Documents\6\670.mdb' worked (line:1062 file:'.\DataBase.cpp')
        08/09/29 12:47:15 (-1) Tried 0 times (line:1066 file:'.\DataBase.cpp')

    Is there any GURU with access and ODBC experience that can help me? Please
    reply to roberto@rcervantes.com

    Thanks and Regards,

    Tuesday, September 30, 2008 12:13 PM