Features I want to see in the beta of W8 RRS feed

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  • 1. All programs/apps and control panel shortcut on start screen that can not be removed. (I know you can search for each app but what if you forget the name of the app you are looking for like I often do?)

    2. WIC animated gif codec for windows photo viewer (Using the browser for animated gifs is a hassle, especially when you have to ctrl tab between different images. It also uses too much memory compared to photo viewer)

    3.  A metro version of windows photo viewer with a toggle switch so I can switch between desktop and metro view at will.

    4. The ability to close metro applications (I don't just want to suspend apps, this things still use memory, and what if my memory gets low? What about the ones that will run in the background?)

    5. Ability to change start screen background and background color. (That green is really ugly)

    6. Set a background image for the start screen with the option match or differentiate it from desktop view. 

    7. Visual indicator for charms menu in start screen for kb/m users. (I did not know you could bring it up by moving your mouse to the bottom left because I use arrow keys or a scroll wheel)

    8. Access to the store with a desktop view and a toggle button to switch between metro and desktop versions.

    9. Power option in charm menu.

    10. Bring make windows color and appearance and make it easier to find so tablet users can better use desktop view.

    11. Remove option to unpin desktop in start screen

    12. Different background images for different monitors.

    13. Gesture support.

    14. Protogon file system reveal.

    15. Give the ribbon interface a more metro feel.

    Saturday, October 22, 2011 9:38 AM