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  • Let me first give some background on ME..  I am a retired Inline code dev.  I have written in several languages, cobol, fortran, and basic just to name a few.  I never had the need or requirement to move into OOP, so I never did.  I was quite happy working with what I knew so I never stepped into the world of OOP.  Now that I am retired I missed the excitement and feeling of accomplishment that developing gave me so I decided to take up what had been my daily work activity as a hobby.  I chose vb.net as my language of choice to learn.  It was easiest since I already knew most of the verbiage,   print is still print and if then else is still if then else although it is written slightly different.  

    So, I sat down at my computer, got myself a copy  of visual studio, and jumped in.  As you might expect, Google became my best friend.  I also took a couple of Udemy courses.  I don't know how many of you walked down this same path, but for me it was a bumpy trail.  I have started, given up, started again, given up again, and have once more started again.  

    Before I get too wordy, the purpose of this post is not to bore you with my story, but to thank you for being here to answer questions.  Even noobs like myself can come here with a question and get an answer without being made to feel stupid.  That is not true with  most other question and answer sites I have tried and which shall remain nameless.  

    its just me, so open the door

    Monday, August 12, 2019 12:49 PM