renamed existing projects in pwa 2010 RRS feed

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  • hi,

    I have generated a Report  which have timesheet information about Resources(  Actual billable hours,Projects etc).

    We have changed name on the one of the existing project to Project 2014, Close task to update and uploaded another project with same old name.

    Now the report shows only the Old project with old name and number. No information about new project.

    Below is my query.

    SELECT        MSP_TimesheetLine_UserView.PeriodUID, MSP_TimesheetLine_UserView.PeriodName, MSP_TimesheetLine_UserView.PeriodStatus AS [Period Status], 

                             MSP_TimesheetLine_UserView.TimesheetName, MSP_TimesheetLine_UserView.TimesheetUID, 
                             MSP_TimesheetLine_UserView.TimesheetStatus AS [Timesheet Status], MSP_TimesheetLine_UserView.TimesheetLineClass AS [Timesheet Line Class], 
                             MSP_TimesheetLine_UserView.ResourceName, CAST(MSP_TimesheetLine_UserView.ResourceUID AS VARCHAR(36)) AS ResourceUID, 
                             MSP_TimesheetLine_UserView.ProjectName, CAST(MSP_TimesheetLine_UserView.ProjectUID AS VARCHAR(36)) AS ProjectUID, 
                             MSP_TimesheetLine_UserView.TaskName, MSP_TimesheetLine_UserView.TaskUID, MSP_TimesheetLine_UserView.TimesheetLineUID, 
                             MSP_TimesheetLine_UserView.PlannedWork AS [Planned Work], MSP_TimesheetLine_UserView.ActualWorkBillable AS [Billable Actual Work], 
                             MSP_TimesheetLine_UserView.ActualWorkNonBillable AS [Non Billable Actual Work], 
                             MSP_TimesheetLine_UserView.ActualOvertimeWorkBillable AS [Billable Actual Overtime Work], 
                             MSP_TimesheetLine_UserView.ActualOvertimeWorkNonBillable AS [Non Billable Actual Overtime Work], 
                             MSP_TimesheetLine_UserView.ActualWorkBillable + MSP_TimesheetLine_UserView.ActualWorkNonBillable + MSP_TimesheetLine_UserView.ActualOvertimeWorkBillable
                              + MSP_TimesheetLine_UserView.ActualOvertimeWorkNonBillable AS [Timesheet Line Actual Work], 
                             MSP_TimesheetLine_UserView.PeriodStartDate AS [Period Start Date], MSP_TimesheetLine_UserView.PeriodEndDate AS [Period End Date], 
    c.[Resource Location],  c.[Res ID],MSP_EpmProject_UserView.[Project ID],
    MSP_EpmProject_UserView.[Project Location],

    (SELECT        ResourceName FROM MSP_EpmResource AS b WHERE        (c.ResourceTimesheetManagerUID = ResourceUID)) AS TimesheetManager,
    (SELECT        ResourceName FROM MSP_EpmResource AS b WHERE        (d.TaskStatusManagerUID = ResourceUID)) AS StatusManager,   
    d.TaskPercentCompleted, MSP_TimesheetLine_UserView.PeriodName AS Expr1
    FROM            MSP_TimesheetLine_UserView LEFT OUTER JOIN
                             MSP_EpmResource_UserView AS c ON MSP_TimesheetLine_UserView.ResourceUID = c.ResourceUID LEFT OUTER JOIN
                             MSP_EpmTask_UserView AS d ON d.TaskUID = MSP_TimesheetLine_UserView.TaskUID LEFT OUTER JOIN
                             MSP_EpmProject_UserView ON MSP_TimesheetLine_UserView.ProjectUID = MSP_EpmProject_UserView.ProjectUID
    Monday, June 1, 2015 5:00 PM

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  • Hi,

    I would suggest updating your query so the project name is taken from the MSP_epmprojects table (or msp_epmproject_userview) (via ProjectUID) as the timesheet line entries will keep the old project name if the timesheet has been approved (or if the project was removed).

    Hope this helps


    Monday, June 1, 2015 5:09 PM