How to let MTM Test Configuration OS and Browser parameters map or bind to VM's OS and Browser configuration?


  • I create 2 config settings for test plan: "window 7 and IE 8", "windows 7 and IE 9" by using Test Configuration Manager and I have 2 windows7 VMs in the lab with 2 different IE, one is IE 8 and another one is IE 9.

    when I create a new build definition by using LabDefaultTemplate.xaml. under "select test configuration" dropdown list, I choost, "Window 7 and IE 8" to run test cases.

    however, when test run, it chooses the Window7 VM with IE 9 version. which means test config has no use for my coded UI test automation. I wish my assign should be work for different VMs.

    I read many material in MSDN, I cannot find any hint about how to let  test config parameters mapping or binding to different VMs.

    Is this feature not done yet or these test configs are not designed for coded UI automation in different test enviroment at all.

    I think this feature should be provided.


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