Impersonation works for all users until Policy applied then fails for just two RRS feed

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  • Email Tracking on a  MS Exchange 2007 on SBS 2008 system which depends on impersonation scripts run in the Exchange Shell

    This is working for all users except 2 – both of them are domain admins and no-one else

    For these two users – it works fine once set up then a few hours later fails and will not track owing to permissions on the mail box

    If the configuration script is re-run it works – again for a few hours

    If the configuration script is run it works again – but if the policies are applied from teh command line it immediately fails for the two users


    It seems clear that there is a policy being applied that removes the permissions because they are domain admins but the original installers of the SBS system are uncooperative and we have been unable to isolate a policy that would do this


    I have the same OS here and this does not happen


    Any ideas how I can locate the “demon” policy with a view to either disabling it or altering it?

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    Thursday, June 2, 2011 3:07 PM