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    In order to circumvent the version mismatch problem the following two tests were carried out. From these observations I conclude there is a problem with this web interface.

    1. I create a new table and populated it with some data and tried to synchronize. I got the same mismatched version error as before. So creating a new table will not help.

    2. I used the Copy database function (released in SU4) and created a copy of the Bluesky and named it different. I also deleted the Bluesky database from North Central US. The SQL Azure labs portal does not reflect these change s. It still shows the database 'Bluesky' although it has been deleted. I think there should have been a provision of specifying the database in the member list. Right now it is only "Bluesky' (which has been removed).


    I confirmed that item 2 was because of browser cache. I opened a new screen and the problem disappeared.

    Continued from here:

    Created a new database in SQL Azure in the same provisioned server (Aug)

    Tried to sync with Southeast Asia server. This time the process allowed creating the Sync but when attempted to sync, the following error message.

    Starting new job. Job ID = 4c2b3d84-de4c-46d4-80ed-dbc71ab8d428

    Retrieved ScopeName as 7733087d-1596-43b9-af05-b43d005a537d

    Retrieved Hubendpoint as hhq0zyfbd8.database.windows.net,SyncTest,7733087d-1596-43b9-af05-b43d005a537d

    Retrieving DbSyncScopeDescription from Hub

    Checking to see if Scope 7733087d-1596-43b9-af05-b43d005a537d exists in endpoint hhq0zyfbd8.database.windows.net,BlueSync

        Scope doesnt exist. Provisioning server.

    Checking to see if Scope 7733087d-1596-43b9-af05-b43d005a537d exists in endpoint awqror9fq0.database.windows.net,BlueskyBengaluru

        Scope doesnt exist. Provisioning server.

    ERROR- The Microsoft Sync Framework runtime version (2.1) does not match the provisioned schema version (2.0).

    From this appears to me that I will have to provision a new SQL Azure server to test the SQL Azure data Sync Service.

    Tuesday, August 31, 2010 3:56 AM