Process running different in WIndows service vs cmd RRS feed

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  • Hello everyone,


    this problem i have is getting really annoying, so i hope anybody here can help me a little further.

    i have written a small program to import data into a sql server using sqlbulkcopy, where it will get the output from a batch file. The batch file will give a CSV format. 

    When i run the program from a CMD i have a memory load of approx 25mb/26mb and the program is running correct. When i use the same code in my windows service, every execute will result in a +1mb to my memory, with 5 running processes in parallel you can understand what will happen.


    We i trace my performance counters i see a big amount increasing #GC Handles, where my memory consumption will grow to.

    I really cannot find any clue for why this is happening. Anybody can help a little further?




    Sunday, September 11, 2011 7:48 PM