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  • Hi,

    i develop a project on vs2012 EXPRESS. I added entity data model to my project. I have a table (say:Table1) and on it a column Column1(varchar(5)).

    when user input   a string value of which length >5 , after dbContex.savechanges() i can show the error message  to user as below.

    Entities ediDB=new Entities();

    Table1 t=new Table1();

    t.Column1="123456";//wrong value


                catch (DbEntityValidationException ex)
                    StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();

                    foreach (var failure in ex.EntityValidationErrors)
                        sb.AppendFormat("{0} failed validation\n", failure.Entry.Entity.GetType());
                        foreach (var error in failure.ValidationErrors)

                            sb.AppendFormat("- {0} : {1}", error.PropertyName, error.ErrorMessage);
                    MessageBox.Show(sb.ToString ());

    but also i want to show the wrong value user entered. so i  need to get the information the column Column1 and its wrong value"123456"

    how can i manage?

    Thank you

    Sunday, February 17, 2013 12:01 AM


  • ValidationErrors is a collection of DbEntityValidationResult. These have an Entry property you can use to get to the entity, it's current values, and original values.

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    Sunday, February 17, 2013 1:52 AM