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    <META HTTP-EQUIV="Htm-Help" Content="critters.htm#Main_Contents">
    <KEYWORD VALUE="Critters;Games" TITLE="Critters Help" 
    <KEYWORD VALUE="Critters overview" TITLE="Critters Help" 
    <KEYWORD VALUE="Critters options" TITLE="Critters Help" 
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    <a name="Main_Contents"></a>
    <b>Critters Help</b>
    <a href="critters.htm#overview">Game Overview</a><br>
    <a href="critters.htm#options">Game Options</a><br>
    <img src="critter.2bp">
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    <a name="overview"></a>
    <p><b>Game Overview</b></p>
    <p>Critters are small round creatures that you can adopt and raise.  
      They have various moods and characteristics and each one has its own 
      personality and appearance that will change over time.</p>
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    <a name="options"></a>
    <li><i>Sound</i> – Turn sound on / off</li>
    <li><i>Sub-Games</i> – Turn sub-games on / off.  When a caretaker 
      attempts to play with a critter or teach a critter, sub-games are 
      presented such as ‘Guess my number’ and ‘Trivia’ if this option is 
    <li><i>Animation</i> – Turn animation on / off.  Turning this off will 
      cause the critter to remain still.</li>
    <li><i>Notifications</i> – Choose icon / text / none.  Notifications 
      appear to inform you when your critter is in danger of dying due to 
      a particular need not being met.</li>
    <li><i>Speed</i> – This is the rate at which the game engine operates.
      It affects how fast feelings develop and statistics are 
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