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    I have added a CustomTaskPane to Outlook.  Inside CustomTaskPane is a UserControl.  Inside user control is a MenuStrip with ToolStripMenuItem(s).  I have tried to create access keys for the ToolStripMenuItem(s) by modifying the text property to include the amerpsand (e.g. "&Menu Item, this is for a top level menu item).  This does create the underlined character in both VS and within the Outlook application ("Menu Item").


    However, I cannot get the ALT+M to fire the click event of the ToolStripMenuItem.  I try this when "activating" the customtaskpane, and it still does not work.  By activating I mean F6 until the custom task pane has a goldish header on the taskpane control.


    My wild guess is that Outlook will not let me use the "ALT" options?? (they are reserved?).


    Other related items:

    • I am able to get the ShortcutKeys to work which has provided a partial workaround, but not what I want.
    • I also have an issue with access keys under the same scenario submenu items  access keys only working under some examples.   Description: In the regular Outlook "File" menu you can Keyboard ALT+F, and the File menu drops down, from here you can just keyboard the letter "O" and it events the "Open" item on the menu.  With my scenario this works when using certain steps and does not using other steps.

    Does not work steps: ACTIVATE task pane using F6 (task pane has a goldish header), click on ToolStripMenuItem (top level).  Menu drops down with submenu items that have access keys. So if sub-menu item is "Process", I keyboard a "P".  Nothing happens.

    Does work: DO NOT ACTIVATE task pane (it has a blueish title bar).  Repeat above steps. Then the keyboarding of "P" does activate this menu item event (click).

    Not sure why having the pane activated changes things.
    Tuesday, March 18, 2008 1:22 PM

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  • I am also facing the same issue with the custom task pane added to a word document.
    I have a custom task pane added to a word document, on which i have a usercontrol with many controls like label, textbox, checkbox and combox.. I have created access keys for all the controls on the usercontrol, but when the task pane is launched
    i am not able to see the underline nor i am able to access these controls using "ALT+key".

    Kindly suggest me with the solution or any workarounds to resolve this issue.


    Saturday, July 11, 2009 6:36 AM