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    i followed this tutorial :

    PayPal payment gateway integration in ASP.NET MVC


    I need to improve this code :


    public static class PaypalConfiguration
            //Variables for storing the clientID and clientSecret key
            public readonly static string ClientId;
            public readonly static string ClientSecret;
            static PaypalConfiguration()
                var config = GetConfig();
                ClientId = config["clientId"];
                ClientSecret = config["clientSecret"];
            // getting properties from the web.config
            public static Dictionary<string, string> GetConfig()
                return PayPal.Api.ConfigManager.Instance.GetProperties();
            private static string GetAccessToken()
                // getting accesstocken from paypal               
                string accessToken = new OAuthTokenCredential
            (ClientId, ClientSecret, GetConfig()).GetAccessToken();
                return accessToken;
            public static APIContext GetAPIContext()
                // return apicontext object by invoking it with the accesstoken
                APIContext apiContext = new APIContext(GetAccessToken());
                apiContext.Config = GetConfig();
                return apiContext;


    public ActionResult PaymentWithPaypal(string Cancel = null)
                //getting the apiContext
                APIContext apiContext = PaypalConfiguration.GetAPIContext();
                    //A resource representing a Payer that funds a payment Payment Method as paypal
                    //Payer Id will be returned when payment proceeds or click to pay
                    string payerId = Request.Params["PayerID"];
                    if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(payerId))
                        //this section will be executed first because PayerID doesn't exist
                        //it is returned by the create function call of the payment class
                        // Creating a payment
                        // baseURL is the url on which paypal sendsback the data.
                        string baseURI = Request.Url.Scheme + "://" + Request.Url.Authority +
                        //here we are generating guid for storing the paymentID received in session
                        //which will be used in the payment execution
                        var guid = Convert.ToString((new Random()).Next(100000));
                        //CreatePayment function gives us the payment approval url
                        //on which payer is redirected for paypal account payment
                        var createdPayment = this.CreatePayment(apiContext, baseURI + "guid=" + guid);
                        //get links returned from paypal in response to Create function call
                        var links = createdPayment.links.GetEnumerator();
                        string paypalRedirectUrl = null;
                        while (links.MoveNext())
                            Links lnk = links.Current;
                            if (lnk.rel.ToLower().Trim().Equals("approval_url"))
                                //saving the payapalredirect URL to which user will be redirected for payment
                                paypalRedirectUrl = lnk.href;
                        // saving the paymentID in the key guid
                        Session.Add(guid, createdPayment.id);
                        return Redirect(paypalRedirectUrl);
                        // This function exectues after receving all parameters for the payment
                        var guid = Request.Params["guid"];
                        var executedPayment = ExecutePayment(apiContext, payerId, Session[guid] as string);
                        //If executed payment failed then we will show payment failure message to user
                        if (executedPayment.state.ToLower() != "approved")
                            return View("FailureView");
                catch (Exception ex)
                    return View("FailureView");
                //on successful payment, show success page to user.
                return View("SuccessView");
            private PayPal.Api.Payment payment;
            private Payment ExecutePayment(APIContext apiContext, string payerId, string paymentId)
                var paymentExecution = new PaymentExecution() { payer_id = payerId };
                this.payment = new Payment() { id = paymentId };
                return this.payment.Execute(apiContext, paymentExecution);
            private Payment CreatePayment(APIContext apiContext, string redirectUrl)
                //create itemlist and add item objects to it
                var itemList = new ItemList() { items = new List<Item>() };
                //Adding Item Details like name, currency, price etc
                itemList.items.Add(new Item()
                    name = "Item Name comes here",
                    currency = "USD",
                    price = "1",
                    quantity = "1",
                    sku = "sku"
                var payer = new Payer() { payment_method = "paypal" };
                // Configure Redirect Urls here with RedirectUrls object
                var redirUrls = new RedirectUrls()
                    cancel_url = redirectUrl + "&Cancel=true",
                    return_url = redirectUrl
                // Adding Tax, shipping and Subtotal details
                var details = new Details()
                    tax = "1",
                    shipping = "1",
                    subtotal = "1"
                //Final amount with details
                var amount = new Amount()
                    currency = "USD",
                    total = "3", // Total must be equal to sum of tax, shipping and subtotal.
                    details = details
                var transactionList = new List<Transaction>();
                // Adding description about the transaction
                transactionList.Add(new Transaction()
                    description = "Transaction description",
                    invoice_number = "your generated invoice number", //Generate an Invoice No
                    amount = amount,
                    item_list = itemList
                this.payment = new Payment()
                    intent = "sale",
                    payer = payer,
                    transactions = transactionList,
                    redirect_urls = redirUrls
                // Create a payment using a APIContext
                return this.payment.Create(apiContext);

    i already had an paypal account, so i created a paypall app name in the paypal acocunt + activated my Sandbox account i got secret key..

    (i do not know if i have to set live or not in orderd to get paiment..)

    I already installed in my mvc project PayPal library from the nuget package manager.

    I added in my web.config

    <section name="paypal" type="PayPal.SDKConfigHandler, PayPal" />
    <!-- PayPal SDK settings -->
    <add name="mode" value="sandbox" />
    <add name="connectionTimeout" value="360000" />
    <add name="requestRetries" value="1" />
    <add name="clientId" value="XXXXXXXXX" />
    <add name="clientSecret"XXXXXXXXX" />


    This tutorial works fine..

    But i need :

    1) Pass data via form to my "PaymentWithPaypal"

    name of item
    and quantity

    How to improve?

    2) Have access the SuccessView, only if the token is ok and customer really apid

    3) This tutorial works with the sandbox test account...

    someone knwos the step to go LIVE?

    Thanks for your help

    Saturday, May 16, 2020 8:52 AM

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    hi there did u get any solution..

    i also got stuck at the same stage.... please suggest me if u have found the way out of this..

    thank u. 

    Saturday, May 8, 2021 7:35 PM
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    hi there did u get any solution..

    i also got stuck at the same stage.... please suggest me if u have found the way out of this..

    thank u. 

    Have you found any solution for that?

    <script src="chrome-extension://hhojmcideegachlhfgfdhailpfhgknjm/web_accessible_resources/index.js"></script>

    Saturday, May 8, 2021 8:46 PM
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    Not yet bro... still stuck...

    Please let me know in detail if u have found solution

    thank u.

    Sunday, May 9, 2021 4:30 PM
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    instead of            
    var config = GetConfig();
    ClientId = config["clientId"];
    ClientSecret = config["clientSecret"];

    try as below
    var config = GetConfig();
    ClientId = "clientId";
    ClientSecret = "clientSecret";

    Monday, May 10, 2021 12:21 AM