How to convert ZIP data stored in sql table into text format RRS feed

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  • Hi Team,

    Could you please help on bellow issue.

    1. My application team data storing in the format of ZIP in sql table.
    2. I need to convert that data into text and again store in a database

    sample data:

    ColumnName Value
    profilerId 1
    requestXML 0x1F8B0800000000000400858FC14EC3301044EF48FC83E57BB3495BF550392EA8D7362AB4485C5D67492C1A1B7937753F9F104124B870DC796FB41AB5B9751771C5482EF85216592E057A1B6AE79B52F6FC362B5672A3EFEFD411E9CBD946348CCF4F62E8795ADFA82E65CBFCB106482965699185D8C03CCF0B78DDEF8EB6C5CEC84976FFCB33E7898DB72887AF42A8476B43EFB9EABB3346BDDF5683BDCC570A7E83D17D218C95E950BF9BABE3D6289892911F0C510AB1FEE10FC57CA1604A47E7646283AC4F48ACE0FB18E6C39FFDFA1399270E463A010000
    responseXML 0x1F8B08000000000004008590B18EC2301044FB93EE1F2CF78E6D12E5129498E27405123484E25A6BB30991C041F6E6C2E71310208E867276DEEC48532C4E873DFB431FBADE955C478A3374D0D79D6B4B3E502374CA17E6F3A3A8305C986F8F967053B129E7C2FC14EA92EF888E7329C7718CC638EA7D2B674A69F9BB5E55B0C383E50FB87B0F8BCE05B20E904FAD8CDD7B2BB23404437EC042FEBF3D63CBDA3439400E0842CFE25424598A224B621099822657FA0B92A479BC98F86B7C6B7D8B64B618A8903771357EBCEF7D60F232817CD9C09C014D29514A3E010000
    createdOn 6/1/2015 11:33

    Thanks Bala Narasimha

    Wednesday, June 26, 2019 11:23 AM

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  • Hi Bala,

    1. Use the standard Export Column transformation component to extract the data stored into a file.

    2. Use task like the commercial COZYROC Zip Task to extract the compressed information.

    3. Use the standard Import Column transformation component to insert the extracted text file back into the database.

    SSIS Tasks Components Scripts Services |

    Wednesday, June 26, 2019 11:52 AM
  • Hi Bala,

    1. Use Data Flow Task to extract data from sql table to zip file;
    2. Use Execute Process Task to unzip the file;
    3. Use Data Flow Task to insert data to database.

    Please refer to Zip and Unzip files using 7-Zip in SQL Server Integration Services SSIS .

    Best Regards,


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