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  • Hi,

    There is something really weird happened to my VS. Everything was fine. I made no changes. But then I started to get the following errors (Curiously enough exactly the same code can be compiled without any problems on another computer):

    BUILD: [00:0000001992:ERRORI] Tried to look up directory info for directory with no drive: \ARMV7\retail\oal_intr_common.lib.
    BUILD: [00:0000001993:ERRORI] Please check your sources file for invalid trailing whitespace after line continuation characters ('\').

    There are no invalid trailing whitespaces in the sources file.

    Can anyone point out what could happen?


    P.S: Some additional details: VS2008, Windows Compact7, all BSPs (verified for Arm v7 Template and TI_EVM_3530)

    The same issue affects all my projects including old ones that were stable.
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  • It looks to me like one or more environment variables are not being set correctly on that computer.   I am guessing that _PLATCOMMONLIB isn't set, but you should check the sources file to see which variable is being used.
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    Wednesday, September 7, 2011 2:52 PM
  • Hi Jaker,

    Did you able to resolve this error , I am having the same issue.


    Saturday, December 8, 2012 8:44 AM
  • Can you describe the error you are getting, so that it cen help us to answer ?

    Did you followed the reply in this post ?

    --- Misbah

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    Saturday, December 8, 2012 9:01 AM
  • Before error I am getting this warning 

    BUILD: [00:0000000036:PROGC ] Analyzing project dependency information for pass LIB.
    BUILD: [00:0000000039:PROGC ] Building LIB Pass in C:\WINCE700\platform\common\src\common\intr\common\ directory.
    BUILD: [00:0000000041:WARNN ] Warning(s) in directory "C:\WINCE700\platform\common\src\common\intr\base\". {log="C:\WINCE700\platform\common\src\common\intr\bldsys.log(39)"}
    BUILD: [00:0000000042:WARNN ] C:\WINCE700\platform\common\src\common\intr\base\: Missing source file: C:\WINCE700\platform\common\lib\ARMV7\retail\oal_intr_common.lib. {log="C:\WINCE700\platform\common\src\common\intr\bldsys.log(40)"}

    My build is also creating a folder at location, which I am not sure should be there...


    My environment variables such as _PLATCOMMONLIB under cmn is set similar to other computers on which the build is working.

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  • My pragmatic approach would be to compare the two <WINCEROOT>\platform\common or <WINCEROOT>\platform\<YOURBSP> folders for both computers, cause it looks like there has been some changes/inconsistencies in the build tree files,

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    Saturday, December 8, 2012 12:03 PM
  • Recently I got the same kind of this situation and resolved so I will note some advice here.

    The SOURCES file, refereing oal_intr_common.lib in the TI_EVM_3530 bsp, must be the folloing one:



    And some guys pointing out there should be "_PLATCOMMONLIB" definition somewhere in the DIRS/SOURCES file trees.

    because, in the PLATFORM\COMMON tree, there's one \WINCE700\PLATFORM\COMMON\sources.cmn file exist and including following line:


    the orginal SOURCES file denfinition should be OK.

    But when in case you break the build, the _PLATCOMMONLIB variable may wrongly set to ***BLANK*** then build.exe will raise this error message because there's no FULL PATH (or even no drive letter) specified in the SOURCELIBS macro.


    for my case, one guy may move one build tree folder from "platform/<BSP name>/Drivers" to "PLATFORM\common\src\soc\<SOC name>", and the original SOURCES file refereing the _PLATLIB macro which is often used in the BSP drivers tree, results ***BLANK*** definition because PLATFORM\COMMON\sources.cmn not including the _PLATLIB macro definition.

    Hiroyuki NAKAYAMA

    Monday, January 28, 2013 3:44 PM