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  • How do I use GetEncoderProperty correctly?

    Online help only tells the same story as IntelliSense already does, that propertyId has to be of type Guid. But where do I find the possible options? What help is an online help that does not provide more enlightment than the obvious?

    Do I really have to plough through all the header files and hope to find the fitting GUIDs myself?

    In previous versions of online help the possible options were usually listed more detailed and sometimes even provided a sample, why not for these methods?

    And why does MediaCapture.GetEncoderProperty demand a GUID, where e.g. MediaCapture.VideoDeviceController.GetDeviceProperty demands a string to reference the wanted property? Can MS not decide for one way of doing it and stick to it?!?! Or opt for one way for future decitions and provide an overload for this "standard" way marking the other one as deprecated (which could even be added after the inconsistency already had happend, to avoid breaking ready code)?

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  • As far as I see, no new info on MSDN and no reply here, still!
    Monday, November 19, 2012 10:14 AM