Few design tweaks for win8 RRS feed

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  • I am personally satisfied with start screen and absence of start menu, however I think a few tweaks are needed:


    1. Start button on desktop taskbar just doesn't fit there. Make it prettier and transparent.

    2. Disable mouse-on-hover charm menu for desktop, but keep it in metro. make clickable charm menu for desktop, in transparent style, perhaps with few extra links to my computer etc.   

    3. Keep touchscreen charm menu the way it is, both for metro and desktop. Enable users to choose how mouse charm menu looks: either like touch one, on the right side of the screen. To keep things coherent. Or like current mouse charm menu: in low left corner. But as I said, keep mouse charm menu only in metro, not desktop.

    4. By default, pin more programs to desktop taskbar, so that new users can access their old desktop apps easily. Like notepad, run maybe and control panel. users who dont want it, can unpin them, but it'll be easier for beginners to learn their way around with less stress.


    5. Users like to feel in control of their PCs. Add all programs button to start screen. The way WP7 has it. Accessing it from search is good, but not so straightforward.


    Thank you :) Just do not spoil this great OS with few design oversights.

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    Wednesday, January 18, 2012 12:26 PM