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  • Desktop should be the Metro 'Home' (not necessarily being the first landing screen). Label Start as 'Microsoft Metro'... and land there (desktop landing an option though).

    Desktop should be part of the Metro 'ribbon', which should wrap around. (Actually maybe you should call it the Metro "wall" {like wonderwall.msn.com}... walls, windows... fits, eh?) So, applications don't install icons, they install active windows on the Metro wall... if there's no data stream, then call it a 'tile', like a Harry Potter picture :), but with the ability to 'freeze' (since we might not want a bunch of squirming pictures ;). NO Marketing!  

    Right now, scrolling to the left end of the Metro ribbon just stops... put the Desktop as a waypoint between the two ends of the Metro ribbon. Touchers could two-finger swipe into/out of it. Mousers could bump into sides of Desktop screen with a little 'resistance' before it flips into Metro. Then you can redefine the Desktop Start button... a little better ;p. The Desktop Start button need not be the same as the Start charm... especially since Desktop Start now has just a Windows logo rather than saying 'Start'.  

    If we have a "Start"... shouldn't we have a "Stop" too? ...on each app (rather than Exit/Close). Suspend as default, but include Stop buttons too.

    We ALL need to be able to shutdown and shutdown -quickly-. Hibernate is good (but so are reboots) ...so make a software "Off" button that puts the system -down-... but put it on the Start charmlist or Metro/Start wall or Desktop... not relatively 'buried' (Settings? Login?) like it is now. And call hibernating 'Suspend' instead... suspend an app, suspend the system... just 'sleep' the hardware when it's neglected.  I don't think we're -all- ready to leave 'shutdown' behind for the always-on system.

    Could we have a 'Print Window' window control menu option or something... yes we can screen-capture, paste and print... but it would be nice to dumprint some things, like maybe Explorer, or WinExplorer, or TaskManager sometimes, or whatever... even the Desktop or Metro.

    I like the Windows key redefinition... and the win-menu key is apparently a mouse right-click menu. How about Shift-WinMenu key being an app's menu dropdown, starting at 'File' or whatever?? ...then we can arrow around from there.  Something else for Ctrl- and Alt-WinMenu?  Shift-Windows key, hmmm... Control Panel? ...whatever ;)  Win+C is charms now on my system.

    I really like the idea of making Metro a wall, with Desktop the 'Home' between the two ends.  This ties old Windows to new Windows Metro... a lot more seamlessly, less jarring.


    Monday, September 19, 2011 12:53 AM