Based on drill down selection in matrix the chart values need to change


  • Hi All,

            I have created an SSRS report by consuming a SSAS cube. In the matrix report i have used row groups and column groups as i have hierachy in my cube. Now what i want exactly is when I drill down say in my case year-->Half year->Quarter-->Month the sales values in chart should change accordingly. I have tried using action from text box property no use. I tried passing as a parameter to subreport but all in vain. May be am missing some logic. Can some one please help me out ?

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    Thursday, January 02, 2014 10:43 PM

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  • Hi Prat,

    In Reporting Services, drilldown report is a layout design that at first hides complexity and enables the user to toggle conditionally hidden report items to control how much detail data they want to see. And when we click plus/minus signs (+/-), the corresponding values will change accordingly. For more details, we can refer to the following steps:

    1. In the Groups pane, right-click the [Half year] (Quarter, Month) group to open the Group Properties dialog box.
    2. Click the Visibility in the left pane, select Hide option. 
    3. Click the checkbox for Display can be toggled by this report item, then select year ([Half year], Quarter) in the drop-down list.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

    Katherine Xiong

    Katherine Xiong
    TechNet Community Support

    Friday, January 03, 2014 2:23 PM
  • Hi Katherine,

                I think you didnot understand my requirement or i was not clear. I have two things here a matrix tablix and a bar chart. My requirement here is as I drill down the values in matrix tablix it should change accordingly in the bar chart. This works perfectly fine in matrix tablix as I drilldown from year-->Half year the sales values get updated in the matrix tablix. I need the same to be updated in bar chart on the collapse of the drill down item which I am not able to handle it. As I mentioned in my earlier post the report is generated from a cube and when the cube is consumed in excel pivot chart this comes automatically i mean as drill down is selected the chart values updates with no extra effort. I read some were hierarchy cube cannot be consumed directly into ssrs.Hope am clear.



    Saturday, January 04, 2014 10:30 PM