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  • I am trying to add Hybrid connection to Oracle database hosted on a Linux machine. I added Hybrid connection in Portal and also saved the connection on the Hybrid connection manager hosted in a Windows Server 2012 machine ( this machine and Oracle are on the same network) But when i try to use the connection string in App service it is not working, even though the status shows 'Connected' in Hybrid Connections


    same is used in web.config as below

    Error in Web app as below

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  • Do you have port 443 open in addition to the end point port which in your case is 1521?


    Wednesday, October 16, 2019 5:46 AM
  • @Rahber, do i have to make another hybrid connection similar to 1521 for 443 port to make this work?
    Wednesday, October 16, 2019 2:06 PM
  • There can be many reasons why the app doesn't connect successfully to the on-premise resource even though the HC says "Connected". The first thing to realize in this situation is that the HC is successfully connecting between the HCM and Azure Relay or Service Bus. 

    Check the following:
    ○ Does the HC endpoint successfully resolve within the network where the HCM is installed? If it has to go out to the Internet for name resolution, you will end up by-passing the HC when the connection is attempted. See this for more information. 
    ○ Is the connection string in the app correct? 
    □ It should also NOT be using a fully-qualified domain name. 
    □ The connection string should be EXACTLY the connection string that the you would use if the Web App were running inside of your local network.
    ○ If the HC is a classic HC (based on the HC URL), is it possible that there are outgoing ports being blocked at the on-premise network?
    § Classic HCs connect entirely over ports. 
    § The HCM must be able to connect OUTBOUND to the following ports. (Applies ONLY to classic HCs.)
    □ 9350-9354 (Normally only 9350 and 9352 are used.)
    □ 5671
    □ 80 and 443
    § If the HC is an Azure Relay HC, it uses web sockets over port 443 for connectivity and this shouldn't be a problem. This ties in with what Rahber was asking. Make sure there are no firewalls, NSGs, or other security rules blocking 443 in Azure or on your on-prem network.
    ○ Is the service to which they you trying to connect configured correctly?
    § For example, SQL Server must be using static ports. SQL Express must not use named instances and must have TCP enabled.

    Let me know if the above information helps.

    Wednesday, October 16, 2019 9:53 PM