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  • Hello,

    I run the website and it employs bing maps for it's geocoding, routing and mapping display.

    In the old days of mappoint webservices my system was very user friendly but very heavy on mapping transactions and therefore costs...

    The user would simply enter "where from", that would be geocoded, "where to", that would then be geocoded, calculate the route and display a map. 4 mapping transactions. And I simply couldn't afford the mapping costs. This was all done at the server end

    It was explained to me that if the map was always visible on the page, in the client, and I did the above, there would only be 1 transaction that I would have to pay for. I believe this meant I was only using what was called a "single session".

    So, a friend of my rewrote the homepage to keep everything in the single page using jquery and ajax I believe.

    But, it just isn't good enough. It's using jquery to hide elements that get seen momentarily on page load, which looks shit. when people type where they are going to and from in the boxes they never display results quick enough to stop people moving from one box to the other...

    Quite frankly I want to rip it all up and start again. My Google traffic has halved since the new page went live in January. Google just sees every visit to my site as a bounce. its gone from 16% to 84%.

    I know the above is all about site design and UI and stuff like that but the reason the site is the way it is is because of the 1 session thing which was an attempt to keep mapping costs at a sensible level.

    Would anyone have time to maybe have a quick look at the site and let me know what they think?

    Any input on how you would improve or change the way the site is would be greatly appreciated.


    Sunday, April 7, 2013 5:45 PM


  • Taking a quick look at your app it looks like it is using the Directions module which automatically uses the map session for you so that's good. A tip if you want to reduce the number of generated sessions is to not load the map until the first request is made. You can add a simple test before calculating a route like this:

    if(map == null){

    //load map


    //continue calculating route.

    Wednesday, April 10, 2013 8:22 PM