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  • The welcome page is stored in the properties of the list item and so you need to modify "vti_welcomepage" in the properties of the Folder list item.


    I haven't tried it, but you should be able to achieve it using the UpdateListItems method of the Lists web service.


    Have a look at this article,, specifically the 'Fields' section and the 'Property Bag' section (reproduced below).


    You will need to retrieve the value of the property bag first, modify just the bit you want and update the entire thing.


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    In updates and deletes, the ID field needs to be supplied in order to identify the item.  If the update is being made on a document library, the FileRef field is also required to identify the document being updated.

    When updating an item, only the changed fields need to be supplied.

    When adding or changing certain types of items, certain fields may be required. 


    Clients may update the property bag in two ways:



    <Field Name="MetaInfo">



    Add or update the specified name/value pairs in the property bag

    <Field Name=

    "MetaInfo" Property=



    Add or update this specific name/value pair in the property bag


    Note   There is no way for a client to delete individual name/value pairs in the property bag. See Property Bag below for more information.


    Property Bag

    Property bags are mechanisms for developers to add their custom data to corresponding objects inside of SharePoint.  Property bags let developers transform simple lists into rich data stores, and webs into full applications. The property bag is a virtual container that can store almost any typed of value. The SPListItem Properties property returns a property bag for the specified object.

    Note   If you use anything besides a String, int, or DateTime for the value, you will get a SPUnsupportedPropertyDataTypeException, with the message of "Only String, int, and DateTime datatypes can be used as the value in Properties."

    A call to the Update method on the object persists the values set in the property bag. All values can be stored and retried by using Web service methods.

    You must send the entire property bag, you cannot update just part of it.

    For more information about property bags in Windows SharePoint Services, refer to


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