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  • Hi - We're in the process of implementing a multi-instance SQL 2014 guest cluster on Windows 2012 R2.  To our dismay, it seems that Windows System Resource Manager (WSRM) is deprecated in Windows 2012 R2, so we're now stuck for how best to manage CPU usage between SQL instances....

    As far as I can see, I'm left with two options, but both of these have problems:

    1) Use SQL Processor affinity within the guest cluster, with each SQL instance assigned to dedicated v-CPU.  However, I'm not certain that setting SQL Processor affinity within a VM will actually have the desired affect!?..

    - When there is physical CPU capacity available, I'd hope Hyper-V would provide it to whichever v-CPU is demanding it.  

    - When VM processor demand exceeds the physical CPU capacity, I'd hope the SQL instances would receive a proportion of the physical CPU time according to the number of v-CPU(s) assigned through the affinity settings.

    2) Use a VM (actually 2, because its a 2-node guest cluster) per SQL instance!..  This is not ideal, as we need multiple SQL instances and it would result in have an administrative and performance overhead

    Does anyone have any information or thoughts on this?  How can we manage a virtualised multi-instance SQL deployment now that WSRM has been deprecated?  Help me please!

    Thursday, January 8, 2015 4:44 PM