How to put two distinct queries in a search entity framework


  • Hello

    Afternoon friends with wisdom if someone guides me please I'm making a product sale application I have a part where I should look for bulk products I have a bar code that does the search

    My problem is generated when I have to sell products in bulk
    My table products

    IdProduct barcode  name Product price IdMeasure IdSubFamilia

    I wanted to make a query that brings the products with the bar code and the idmeasure = 3 (this is kilogram)

    You have to open a bulk form

    And if the measure is different from 3

    Ask me the other query

    This query that works alone

    It's in text box


      Private void Txtbarcorde_KeyPress (object sender, KeyPressEventArgs e)
                If (TxtCodigoBarras.Text.Length> 0)
                    If (e.KeyChar == Convert.ToChar (Keys.Return))
                        DetailDentaDTO eDeta = new DetailDentaDTO ();
                        PRODUCT eProd = new PRODUCT ();
                        EProd = objProducto.GetBybarcorde (Txtbarcorde.Text);
                        // eProd = objProducto.GetByCodigoBarras (Txtbarcorde.Text);
                        If (eProd == null)
                            If (MessageBoxButton.Show ("Product does not exist, Do you want to add it?", "Confirm", MessageBoxButtons.YesNo, MessageBoxIcon.Exclamation, MessageBoxDefaultButton.Button2) == DialogResult.Yes)
                                Form frm = this.MdiChildren.FirstOrDefault (x => x is FrmProducts);
                                If (frm! = Null)
                                    Frm.BringToFront ();
                                Frm = new FrmProductos (idUsuario);
                                Frm.MdiParent = this.MdiParent;
                                Frm.Show ();
                        If (eProd.Stock <= 0)
                            MessageBox.Show ("Not enough stock to sell", "Warning", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error);

                        EDeta.Quantity = 1;

                        EDeta.barcorde = eProd.barcorde;

                        EDeta.FeedReg = DateTime.Now;
                        EDeta.IdDetalle = 0;
                        EDeta.IdProduct = eProd.IdProduct;
                        EDeta.IdVenta = 0;
                        EDeta.Import = eProd.Price * eDeta.Quantity;
                        EDeta.ProductName = ProductProductName;
                        EDeta.PorcentageIVA = Imposed. Tax rate;
                        EDeta.Price = eProd.Price;
                        Details.Add (eDeta);
                        //DgvDetalle.DataSource = null;
                        DgvDetalle.DataSource = Details;
                        Txtbarcorde.Clear ();
                        Txtbarcorde.Focus ();

    This is what is in the entity framewok layer

    Public PRODUCT GetBybarcorde (string Code)
                DAL.IRepository repository = new Template.Repository ();
                    Var product = repository.FindEntity <PRODUCT> (a => a.barcorde == Code, "Sale_Details", "Shopping_Details", "Measure", "SubFamilyProduct");
                    If (product! = Null)
                        Product.IdFamilia = product.SubFamiliaProducto.IdFamilia;
                        Var fami = new FamilyProduct ();
                        Fami = repository.FindEntity <ProductProduct> (x => x.IdFamilia == product.SubfamilyProduct.IdFamily);
                        Product.familyName = familyfamilyName;
                        Product.MeasureName = product.Measure.Measure1;
                        Product.SubfamilyName = product.SubfamilyProduct.SubfamilyName;
                        Product = null;
                    Return product;
                Catch (Exception ex)
                    Throw new Exception (ex.Message);

    I am missing some query to filter me by the IdMeasure = 3 (which is kilogram)
    I need to have two setups one for IdMeasure = 3 and one that is different from IdMeasure
    I'm trapped in this by fa
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  • The question is kind of clear yet reviewing the code it's unclear where you are stuck.

    For example, I see you are looking for a production in your repository via FindEntity yet not sure why you new up a FamilyProduct then not check to see if the FindEnity is not null (same as newing up Prodcut), if you don't new up a FamilyProduct and FindEntity returns one then you have one else it's null.

    Looking at the TxtCodeKeyBarras, this too is unclear.

    Lastly, I would advise at some point in time creating a class to do the work outside of the forms.

    I suggest editing your post and provide better more concise details and code should only before the parts you have questions on. Strip the code down to bare essentials.

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