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  • I am working in C#.
    I am making POS System and generating Bills for customers. Dot matrix printer will be used at counter, salesman will cut the bill with the cutter which is in the printer. Continous sheet will be feed in printer.

    I am using Crystal Report "PrintToPrinter" method but it sends "Form Feed" to printer and printer rollout the whole page. I have not predefined length of page for this.

    Is there any way to handle it in Crystal Report that stop printing when data ends?

    I have also used the print document class it has same behaviour. Infect its "Print" method sends "Form Feed".

    My bill length is unkown depends on the number of products that are being purchased.

    I have also seen "How to send raw data to a printer" from Microsoft but it does not send formated data!

    VB 6.0 Printer object is also not suitable coz Microsoft does not recomend this.

    Please help if anybody have solution of it. 


    Kamran Ahmed


    Monday, May 19, 2008 6:19 AM