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  • V6, java

    We can no longer retrieve all the Campaigns of an account using the getCampaignsByAccountId() API with getting the following error:

    Number of entities with maximum negative keywords has exceeded limit

    It would appear that we have started to exceed the limits . In AdCenter I can see that the average number of negative keywords per Campaign is about 400. We have recently added new Campaigns so I'm guessing that the addition of these new Campaigns has taken us somehow over the limit. It's not clear what the limits are. I read someplace that if more than 25 elements (in this case Campaigns) exceed the limit of 1022 characters, the API will fail. So if I have a Campaign with 400 negative kewyords accroding to AdCenter, does that mean that those 400 must fit within 1022 characters or be counted against me toward the 25 element rule? Any clarity on this would be appreciated.

    Would switching to V7 make this error go away?


    Monday, September 20, 2010 8:49 PM

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  • Well I'll answer my own question. We ended up moving to V7 but that didn't fix it. I was hoping that the increase to negative keyword limits in V7 would obviate the problem. Apparently in obtaining all the Campaigns for an Account, if more than 25 of said Campaigns have negative keywords that exceed the 1022 character limit, the API call  (getCampaignsByAccountId()) will fail with the error I reported earlier. So to get around it we used the GetCampaignsInfoByAccountId   API. It's another step, but it  yields the campaign Ids for the account, which we could then package up 25 at a time. The  ..infoByAccountId is lighter weight and avoids the limit.
    Tuesday, September 21, 2010 4:53 PM
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