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    Hello friends,

    I have this query about how to properly append or insert string .Every time the function executes, it appends a new <p></p>.So I can understand, but how can refresh the <span></span> and if someone tried to execute this function, it will only show 1 <p></p> and not keep on appending the <p></p>

    First see this link to error screenshot:- https://uploadpie.com/kCdnBX

    Here's the code

     function confm()
                var ps=document.getElementById("pass").value;
                var cps=document.getElementById("cpass").value;
                    $("#cspan").attr("style", "color:green");
                    @*@ViewBag.confirm="Both Passwords Match!";*@
                    $('#cspan').append("<p>Both Passwords Match!</p>");
                    $("#cspan").attr("style", "color:red");
                    @*@ViewBag.confirm="Passwords Don't Match!";*@
                    $('#cspan').prepend("<p>Passwords Don't Match!</p>");
                    return false;

    Best Regards,

    Saturday, August 11, 2018 6:56 PM

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