Mail Enabled Security Group Member Management Via REST API RRS feed

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    I'm at a loss for how to add a member to an Exchange Online mail enabled security group via one of the Microsoft REST APIs.  Can anyone provide insight as to how to accomplish this via one of the REST APIs?  We've attempted to do this via the Microsoft Graph and the Azure AD APIs with no success.  Both services return the response 'Unable to update the specified properties for objects that have originated within an external service'.  We've tried creating these groups via Exchange Online and the Office 365 Admin portal and receive the 'external service' error in both instances when attempting to add members via the API.

    Our use case is to add Office 365 users to an Exchange Online group that will route their sent mail to their manager for approval via an Exchange mail flow rule.  We need to be able to add and remove these User members via a REST API call from the approval mail enabled group.  The group needs to be accessible in Exchange Online so the mail flow rule can check whether the sender is a member of the approval group.  

    Has anyone had success managing group management via the Azure AD API, or does anyone know of another API available for Exchange Online that would enable us to accomplish what we are trying to do?  FYI, Office 365 Groups are not an option for this use case as we don't want to provide all of the services for this group that come along with Office 365 groups.  


    Friday, August 18, 2017 1:48 AM