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    I have a team who is architecting a complex rich client user interface on CAB/SCSF.  One of the design elements we're considering is the dynamic loading of the CAB modules and potentially the CAB views themselves.  Leveraging SCSF/CAB "out of the box" will automatically load all module assemblies at start-up time.  The start-up time for our rich client application is significant and will grow as we add more modules.


    I'm just curious if other folks out there have looked at the standard overhead of the CAB module loading process.  Is it all within the loading of the CAB Views?  If so, has anyone looked at designing an "on demand" loading mechanism for CAB Views, so that the module assembly-load footprint can be minimized?  The idea here is that a View shouldn't be loaded until it's actually needed the first time.  And are there any real benefits to designing an "on demand" loading mechanism at the module level?


    Thoughts on best practices would be much appreciated ...



    Friday, June 27, 2008 1:53 PM