With Vista, I lose, or can nolonger open programs or games (some) the ones that I have purchased RRS feed

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  • The latest insodent, was after I bought a game from  (waterbugs) paid by PayPal. I had a hard time actually getting my game to download. the whole proces was difficult, it wint in cercles, asking me for my email address,then to sing in. A second screen would appear, after I signed in and would say email addres not valid,Please register. I would  try to re-register, and it would say email address already in use. I went round and round.  Finally I got through and actually purchased my game. It downloaded, I played it for awhile and quit.  Upon trying to open the same game later on, it would then say unable to open,  So i went throught all the stuff I mentioned above, again, and re-downloaded my game, again played, auit, and could not re-open game.  Mean while windows updates ran, and updated a bunch of stuff (related or not?) at this point now, but this time I can not even go back and download game again.  I am invisible to everything pertaining to this game. Any thoughts ,suggestions would be greatly appreciated
    Monday, August 3, 2009 1:59 PM