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  • I have found that when I get into the System->System Properties -> Memorly Control panel and move the slider, the slider pops to  the extreme right and stays there always. Once I exit I cannot run any applications. I need to power cycle the unit for any applications t run anymore. Thje OS keeps running, but no applications can be started.

    This only occurs with the ROM-Only File System and a Hived-Based Registry, which is what we must use. So is this Memory section even needed? Is there a fix for this?

    Doing a goggle search on ''WinCE Storage Memory negative value" brings up a lot of people encountering this issue. One stated: "In the case of mounting Root to external FS instead of Object Store, the memory applet is no longer useful (and could encounter an issue as you observed). You should avoid to use it or at least modify the applet to remove theSlider."

    Looks like the System Icon in the Control Panel is Public code(%_WINCEROOT%\PUBLIC\WCESHELLFE\OAK\CTLPNL\CPLMAIN). 

    What group might be responsilbe for fixing this if that is actually feasible?

    Seems the fix would then get into some kind of QFE eventually.

    If I attempt to fix this myself or get rid of the slider as recom,mended above, I see the need to clone, but not sure how to do that. How would I go about cloning the stuff in %_WINCEROOT%\PUBLIC\WCESHELLFE\OAK\CTLPNL\CPLMAIN?


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  • It's known that the memory control panel does not behave correctly. See a (quite) long thread on the subject:

    Luca Calligaris lucaDOTcalligarisATeurotechDOTcom Check my blog:

    Tuesday, March 12, 2013 10:54 AM
  • Thanks. Sounds like the bottom line is that when a ROM-Only File System is selected, the  Memory applet section of the Systems Properties Control Panel is not an appropriate UI.  In my case, the danger is that if the Slider is moved, no applications will run anymore and I have to reboot the unit.  So it seems I just need to get rid of that part of the code completely.

    Can someone point me to how to clone the appropriate Memory Applet Control Panel files?

    I'm also now confused on the usage of Storage Memory and Program Memory allocation in a ROM-Only File System. Do these two items have any real meaning anymore?

    When using a ROM-Only File System, how do I set up, or do I really even need the Object Store?  Seems I cannot get rid of it, but what happens if I set the FSRAMPERCENT to its  minimum size of 32 KB, or 0x00000004.?

    Seems also odd that the commands 'GetSystemMemoryDivision' and 'SetSystemMemoryDivision' are both indicated being deprecated and should no longer be used ( ) and the sample program at is not compiling for me.  Anyone have a updated version or can point me to the right libraries to include to comple the sample program?


    Tuesday, March 12, 2013 10:16 PM